Obtaining dental fillings and sealants in Atascocita, TX is a way to make sure you maintain your oral healthcare. Part of regular dental hygiene involves teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and routine check-ups. Also, you may need dental fillings and sealants in Atascocita, TX. Finding a dentist that will handle these processes helps you streamline your dental care. You may have wondered about the differences between dental fillings and sealants in Atascocita, TX, or you may have thought about what the procedures may be like.

patient mouth open getting dental fillings and sealants atascocita txWhy Do People Need Dental Fillings Or Sealants?

First, why do people need dental fillings and sealants in Atascocita, TX anyway? The answer is most people get dental fillings, and younger patients will benefit from sealants. So, most people (by the time they’re older) will have had both procedures. Dental fillings and sealants help with tooth decay but in different ways. Tooth decay destroys your tooth and the enamel due to plaque. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that will attack the tooth when you eat or drink trigger items, such as sugary foods or drink. Regular teeth cleanings at the dentist’s office will help remove plaque, but even then, you can still get tooth decay. Dental fillings are sometimes used for cracked teeth also.

The Procedure For Dental Fillings

When you go in to get a dental filling, the dentist will first numb the area, so you won’t feel anything. Next, he or she will remove the inside part of your tooth that is decayed. Then he or she will fill it in with a substance that hardens instantly.

There are different types of substances you can choose for the filling. Some of these include porcelain, gold, silver, and a tooth-colored composite of plastic and resin.

What Is The Procedure For Sealants?

Applying sealant is a faster and easier process than getting dental fillings. The dentist won’t need to numb the area because it’s a painless procedure. The dentist will brush on the sealant and it hardens in a short time. Sealants are usually applied on the back teeth. These teeth are known for having more grooved areas, which means bacteria and particles of food can get in and cause decay.

Dental Fillings And Sealants In Atascocita, TX

Obtaining dental fillings or sealants will contribute to your oral health care. Most people end up with dental fillings, due to decay. Young people are encouraged to get sealants to help protect their teeth from decay. In fact, getting sealants young may keep you from having to get as many dental fillings in the future. Both dental fillings and sealants will keep you from losing your teeth due to decay.

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