You’d do anything to keep your family healthy and well. Finding great family dentistry is an essential part of that wellness plan. Getting your children in the habit of taking care of their teeth and gums early on as you care for your own is a life lesson that they will take with them for a lifetime to ensure a healthier smile. Therefore, Splendid Dental Atascocita offers comprehensive family dental care.

At Splendid Dental Atascotia, we want to help care for our patients’ smiles, whether they’re infants or older adults. With our pediatric and family dentistry services, we can maintain and improve the smiles of you and your family. To learn more about our services, please contact Splendid Dental Atascotia today at 713-244-7790.

Why Do I Need a Family Dentist?family prepares for family dentistry services

First of all, when you find a family dentist, you’re not just getting a dentist. You’re connecting with a whole team of family dentistry professionals who understand the importance of comfort, safety, and quality smile care for your whole family.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child have their first dental visit by age one. But sadly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a significant number of children in the US have untreated tooth decay by the time they reach five.

It’s important that the family dentistry services you choose have dedicated pediatric services. That’s because a family dental practice should not only understand children’s smiles but also knows how to establish a good rapport.

It can help kids of all ages develop a life-long interest in caring for their smile. Your child can feel the excitement around visiting the family dental practice you’ve chosen for your family.

Smile development is at a critical stage during those young ages. Therefore, you need an expert in family dentistry services who understands these precious little smiles.

Building positive memories around the dentist at a young age can help your child stick with routine dental care as they become an adult to reduce their risk of oral and other health complications as they age. Visiting the family dentist is an affordable and convenient way to keep everyone healthier.

How Do I Choose Family Dentistry?

When you’re looking for a family dentist, it’s critical to check out their online reviews to see how they’re working with other families.

Are they qualified and experienced in family dentistry? Do their office and staff feels inviting, calming, and safe for younger smiling faces?

You’ll also want to make sure they have all of the dental services you and your children need, such as:

When you can get all of your dental services in one place, your child can be more at ease. They get to know the dental staff and their family dentist. You’ll also find it more convenient as the parent.

No matter what you or your child need when it comes to your smiles, you can generally get it in one place where you feel welcome.

You should feel comfortable with your dental providers as they help you explore various dental services you or your child might need. You should never feel pressured to get certain services that aren’t covered by your dental plan or within your budget. At Splendid Dental Atascocita, phenomenal dental professionals are ready to support your decisions in any way they can.

They will also work with you to help you afford services through specials offers and convenient payment plans.

Meet All Your Family’s Needs with Splendid Dental Atascocita

Our team at Splendid Dental Atascocita is experienced in maintaining healthy smiles for the whole family and ready to help you and your children feel comfortable, safe, and looking forward to visiting your dentist. In addition to our pediatric and family dentistry services, we also offer a range of services for adults, such as:

Whether you’re in the market for a new family dentist or haven’t been to the dentist in a while, we invite you to discover the difference by visiting Splendid Dental Atascocita. Call us at 713-244-7790, or contact us online to schedule your appointment.