Routine dental examinations are one of the most important aspects of complete dental care. In a recent post, we discussed the benefits of regular dental exams. These include catching oral health conditions early or before they start. Benefits also include catching more serious conditions such as oral cancer and the vast improvements in survival rates that early detection provides.

But it’s also important for patients to understand what goes into a dental exam so that there are no surprises. If you have young children, explaining to them what will happen during their dental exams will help calm their anxiety and build trust with their dentist.

Routine Dental Visits Prevent Tooth Paina dentist performs routine dental exams

Your dental exam will be carried out by a highly trained, experienced, and professional dentist who has been thoughtfully vetted by our leading Atascocita team of dental professionals. Your dentist will be aided by a dental hygienist and a dental assistant. The assistant will run errands, ensure all the necessary tools are ready and in place, and handle the paperwork. The hygienist will stand by if a routine teeth cleaning is needed.

Your Medical History

After you arrive at the dentist’s office, your dentist will ask you a few questions related to your dental health. You will be asked about medications you are taking or have been taking. These will include some alternative remedies and allergy medications. You will also be asked about your alcohol consumption habits. Your dentist will also ask you about any recent or current medical treatments you may have had.

Dental Next Steps

After having collected all of this important dental and medical information, the dentist will begin a full examination of your teeth, gums, jaw, and their supporting structures. During this time, your dentist will tell you about anything concerning that has been found and explain the next steps in the process before proceeding with the following dentist services:

Do I Have a Cavity?

The use of an X-Ray machine is an important way for your dentist to discover any potential abnormalities which are likely to evade detection by the naked eye. Abnormalities that are within the bone of the jaw, between or behind teeth, under the skin of the gums, or in surrounding tissues are likely to be detected in the X-Ray examination.

Cleaning Prevents Cavities

During your initial examination, your dentist will likely use simple cleaning methods to remove tartar that forms between teeth and along the gum line. Your dentist may elect to use an ultrasonic cleaning device to break up hardened material and to clean hard to reach spots. After any scraping, your dentist will polish your teeth. At this point, you are likely to receive any daily cleaning tips your dentist feels may be appropriate.

Results Examination

At this point, your dentist will be able to use the results of the visual and X-Ray examinations to produce conclusions about your oral health. He or she will evaluate you for risk factors and make recommendations for further treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening

Your dental exam is a prime opportunity to screen for oral cancer. This can be done by simply examining the tissue around your teeth and gums. Any possible cancerous lesions will result in further examinations. Dental exams are the only means by which early oral cancer detection is possible. For this reason, we consider it to be a very important aspect of total oral healthcare.

Patient Education at Splendid Dental Atascocita

At the end of your exam, your dentist will offer any daily care advice he or she deems necessary. Your Atascotia dentist will also provide you with literature designed to help you get the most out of your daily care routine.

Here at Splendid Dental Atascocita, our highly trained and experienced team is dedicated to providing unbeatable customer care and optimal oral health results. Find us at one of our many Houston locations, or get in touch online to schedule your initial dental exam today.