Creating Happy Smiles

Creating Happy Smiles





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At Our Children’s Dentist, we want to help your little one develop good dental health habits early on. Our pediatric dentistry specialists and our friendly team love each little smile that comes through our door, and it’s our goal to create a fun, educational, and comforting experience that positively affects the way your child feels about visiting the dentist.

It is always our goal to create healthy, happy smiles for each and every patient we see. We believe that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body and a healthy life!

Pediatric dentists are specialists in treating the unique needs of children. Our pediatric dental specialists have completed several years of specialty training beyond dental school. They limit their practice to treating the oral health needs of infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health needs.

Children have special dental needs, from birth through their late teen years. These special needs require the expert care of a dentist specializing in children’s oral health and development. Pediatric dentistry in TX at Splendid Dental Atascotia provides this specialized treatment, ensuring your child’s best chance for an attractive, confident smile.

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At Splendid Dental Atascocita, our goal is to provide exceptional pediatric dentistry in Atascocita, TX. We offer a child-friendly environment, caring staff, and advanced technology at our local clinic. We partner with you to promote healthy habits, education, and ongoing developmental care for your child.

Although our focus is preventative care, we also offer restorative treatment and cosmetic dentistry options from age one to adolescence. To find out more about our children’s dentistry in Atascocita, TX, contact Splendid Dental Atascocita. We can help you meet your child’s needs for stronger and better-looking teeth.

Pediatric Services We Offer

We are dedicated to the oral health of children throughout their early years into adolescence. As such, we provide an array of services for pediatric dentistry in Atascocita TX, such as:

Pediatric Services We Offer

We are dedicated to the oral health of children throughout their early years into adolescence. As such, we provide an array of services for pediatric dentistry in Atascocita TX, such as:

Oral Exams

We perform routine dental checkups of your child’s teeth and gums. We recommend an oral exam at least once every six months. An exam allows us to clean your child’s teeth and identify any signs of cavities or tooth decay. If we can catch problems early on, then we can keep them from developing further.

Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is important for the health and development of your child’s teeth. An Atascocita, TX family dentist can remove plaque, tartar, or calculus from the teeth and gums. We perform a deep cleaning to reach areas that are often missed with regular toothbrushing.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are an integral part of pediatric dentistry in Atascocita, TX. Fluoride reinforces the enamel on your teeth. Fluoride treatments can reach in areas that other forms of teeth cleaning may not reach. An Atascocita TX family dentist recommends fluoride treatments when you schedule oral exams for your child twice a year.

Restorative Dental Work

Children’s dentistry in Atascocita TX utilizes restorative dental work to diagnose, prevent, and treat common or severe conditions. If your child has damaged/missing teeth, tooth decay, or cavities, we can restore their teeth using a variety of techniques. Restorative dental work often involves treatments such as:

We have several options available, depending on your child’s needs.

Orthodontic Services (Braces)

Pediatric dentistry in Atascocita TX, also includes orthodontic services. If your child has problems with their bite or their teeth, braces can correct these problems. We insert braces to straighten your teeth, correct your bite, close the gaps between your teeth, or align your jaws properly.

If you have noticed these problems with your child, we can perform an oral exam to determine their condition. If we feel that braces are the solution, then we can discuss your child’s options and the best route to take. There are several benefits to wearing braces at a young age, including:

  • Improves the development of teeth and jaws
  • Promotes good oral habits to protect their teeth
  • Improves your child’s ability to chew and talk
  • Lowers the risk of more severe problems in adulthood
  • Enhances your child’s appearance and self-esteem

Braces will naturally not be your child’s first choice. They take a while to get used to. However, your child will appreciate the braces after they come off. They will love how their teeth feel and look with pediatric dentistry in Houston, TX. They will be even more thankful when they are adults.

Schedule Pediatric Dentistry at Splendid Dental Atascocita

The best way to preserve your child’s teeth and gums is to schedule pediatric dentistry in Atascocita, TX. Splendid Dental Atascocita offers extensive pediatric care for your child. We can promote the proper development of their teeth while boosting their smile.

Your child deserves the proper dental treatment. We can provide this level of care to them using a range of our dental treatment options. To secure pediatric dentistry in Atascocita, TX with Splendid Dental Atascocita, call us at 713-244-7790, or contact us online. We are here to meet all of your child’s dental needs.